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How to Change Tumblr Blog Title


Want to change your Tumblr Blog Title to new or more funkier or personalized one like JackAss Kid. Learn Here how to change your Tumblr Blog Home Page Title.

1. Computer
2. Internet
3. Tumblr


Steps Required
1. Go to and login to your Tumblr account.
2. Now go to your desired blog, in case you have multiple tumblr blogs.
3. Now click on the Customize Settings tab on the right side of your Tumblr dashboard.
3. Under Info Tab, click on the Title Tab to change your Tumblr Home Page Title.
5. Enter your new Tumblr Blog Title.
6. Just Click Save, to bring the changes to your Tumblr blog.
7. If you don't want to further more customization of Tumblr Blog, Just click on Save+Close to save changes and return to Tumblr Dashboard.