Blogging Tips, Blogspot Help, Tumblr Help, Programing and Random Stuff. Login, orginally known as Ask Jeeves was started as Question and Answers focussed search engine in 1996. The site was founded by Garnett Gruener and David Chevsky in Berkeley, California. The orginal idea behind the was to allow users to find answers to their daily life based question in their natural language and still working on this idea. Login

The now has been transforming into Question and Answers Website like Yahoo! Answers and Mahalo! Answers and allow it's users to login to, and ask question & get answers from the wide community.

But like other social networking website, has it's set of problems and most prevalent one is login. As the Social Q&A is still in beta version and does not allow many users to sign up for login and those who are registered are not able to login due to unresponsive login, and login server errors.

In this post, I try to find out solution to related issues to some extent and tried to answers all of them one by one.

1. How do I Sign Up for Login?
Just click Sign Up link on the Homepage and fill up the information for your Login pass. They will send you confirmation mail to sign up login.

2. Can I Sign Up for Login using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter?
Yes, supports login using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. Login say Invalid Login. What the fuss?
This is because you have entered your login information in incorrect way. As takes IloveAsk different from ILOVEASK or iloveask. So try to enter your login password correctly.

4. I forgot my login password. How do I recover it?
To recover your Ask login password, just click on the forgot password link on Login page.

Also remember to save your login from being hacked.
1. Do not save your login password on shared computers.
2. Do not click on the links and mails asking for your login credits.
3. Always login to by entering in web browser.