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Mediafire Login

Mediafire, one of the popular free file and image hosting website on the web, the site was started in way back in 2006 and now one of top 75 Alexa websites and one of top 50 dot com websites worldwide.
MediaFire Login

Mediafire allows you to upload 200 MB data for free and host your file until it gets 1 download in 30 days or you visit your Mediafire account in atleast 60 days. If you want to have more capabilities and upload more data on Mediafire, you need to host your file, you need to have paid upgrade. And that's where the real problem gets started.

Mediafire's paid user have complaint about they are not able to login, their files has been suddenly deleted or they have no access to mediafire login, they have forgot their mediafire login password, their mediafire login has been hacked and all sort of things. So here I tried to solve each possible Mediafire related login problem,

Can I download Mediafire file without Mediafire login?
Yes, you can download the Mediafire file without any Mediafire login, all you need to do is download the file.

Can I Upload the file without Mediafire login?
No, you can't. You need to be logged in to upload any file on Mediafire.

Does Mediafire deletes file without any notifications?
No, Mediafire do not delete your file without any notifications. They send you atleast 3 mails before deleting your hosted file on Mediafire.

Can someone on Mediafire delete my uploaded file without my knowledge?
No, but if somebody on Mediafire have access to Media login then it could be possible.

I have entered correct Mediafire login details, but Mediafire login not working?
This is happen when you enter you Mediafire password in wrong way like MEDIAFIRE is different from mediafire or MEDIAfire. So enter the correct password.

I forgot my Mediafire Login Password, What Now?
Just click on the Forgot Password link and follow the steps to get back your Mediafire login.

Mediafire Login not Responding?
This is because Mediafire is on fire i.e. Mediafire servers are overloaded for while. So please login mediafire after sometime.

Now how do i save my Mediafire login credits?
To save your Mediafire login, just follow some simple tips
1. Do not save your Mediafire login in public computer.
2. Do not share Mediafire login details publicly.
3. Do not click on the suspicious links asking for Mediafire login details.
4. Always use to login to Mediafire account.

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